Consensio Brackley

Singing in and around Brackley, Banbury, Stowe, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire

Consensio Singers Group Photo

Consensio was formed by four members of St. Peter's Church 'occasional' choir in Brackley around 2011.

The desire was to bring together a group of singers who would enjoy singing a capella music in the style of the Renaissance, composers such as Byrd, Tallis, Victoria, Pallestrina, etc. to a reasonably high standard.

Members were recruited and with seven or eight singers, a small repertoire was rehearsed and several successful performances took place.


The founding director, Graham Shorter, moved to another part of the country. this meant the group had to adopt a different way of rehearsing and performing.

Several changes in personnel took place in this period until the group arrived at its current position of having twelve voices.

It was felt that a director would be desirable and we were fortunate to engage the services of Stuart Hubble.


As well as being guest performers in various concerts, the group performed its first full length concert in Brackley in summer 2013.

Spring of 2014 saw Consensio gain a distinction in the small choirs section of the Chipping Norton Festival.